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pouring gate, &c., the mould is now complete, and will, no doubt,.
be admitted as economically made. Of course this method will
serve only when a large number of castings are required of the
same kind.


Stopping-off is a process which often serves to utilise a
pattern temporarily for a slightly different purpose to that first
intended, and so to effect economy, A simple example will

In Fig. 73^, a pipe pattern with flanges is shewn; we will
suppose a shorter bend is required.

All that is necessary is to %fix a flange on at A, and provide a.
stopping-off piece B of the same size as the flange, having a print
attached for the core.

c represents a plan of the mould, with the stopping-off piece
in position; the portion D being filled up by the moulder. The
rest of the moulding will be easily understood.